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Almost 60,000 attorneys are registered to practice law in Massachusetts. * Many will offer to assist you, but few will provide you with exceptional service and advice. We invite you to compare how we can assist you before you select an attorney to represent you in the very important matter of your drunk driving (DWI DUI OUI) arrest.

Notice February 2021: If you have received notice concerning the 
breathalyzer test used in your operating under the influence of liquor case, please follow this link.

notice concerning the  breathalyzer test used in your operating under the influence of liquor case

A drunk driving arrest is not a conviction. We can help. 
MANY drunk driving cases result in not guilty outcomes--even if a breath test is above the legal limit or the operator failed a so-called field sobriety-test--or both. An attorney skilled in defending drunk driving cases can help you accomplish the outcome you seek.

Compare and Choose

Consider Attorney Russell's educational background: You deserve an attorney who can critically study the facts of your case and the law that applies. Attorney Russell has earned three degrees from respected universities, all with honors, including a magna cum laude engineering degree and a cum laude juris doctor degree. He has published several scholarly legal articles. Attorney Russell brings an exceptional educational background to your case. Please refer to our About Attorney Russell page for more information.

Consider Attorney Russell's experience: Attorney Russell has practice law for almost three decades, and in representing clients charged with driving under the influence, Attorney Russell has accomplished the following, among other successful results:
𑢷 successfully challenging a motor vehicle stop, resulting in the exclusion of all evidence from and after the stop, and resulting in dismissal of the driving-under-the-influence charge (and related charges)
𑢷 successfully challenging breath-test (breathalyzer) readings, resulting in the exclusion of the breath-test results at trial--in one case the breath-testing device had malfunctioned several weeks prior and the results from the device had been used for several prosecutions (not against Attorney Russell's client) before Attorney Russell discovered the defect 
𑢷 undermining so-called field sobriety tests based upon the officer's failure to adhere to test-administration procedures
𑢷 not guilty outcomes at a trial (before a judge and before a jury)
𑢷 success on appeal after conviction--in one case Attorney Russell's client was convicted based upon the trial judge's personal experience at the restaurant that had served the defendant--at trial Attorney Russell argued that the judge improperly considered his personal experience and Attorney's Russell's trial advocacy was essential to obtaining a reversal on appeal 
Attorney Russell brings you comprehensive, up-to-date legal representation.

Our Promise

We offer every client the following:
Free initial consultation: We will meet with you at no charge--while many attorneys offer a free electronic case assessment or a free telephone conference, we will meet with you and discuss your case at no charge. In a matter as important as your drunk driving arrest, you should be fully comfortable with your choice of attorney. This can only be accomplished after a meaningful meeting,
Site visit: On the first Sunday after we are hired, with you we will visit the site of the arrest to learn about the conditions that existed at the time of the arrest, to gain a full sense of the events.
In court: If appropriate, in court we will challenge the stop of your automobile, any statements made during field tests, and|or breath test (breathalyzer) results.
Experts: If appropriate, we will work with experts to prepare for your trial, including medical experts (if the operator was injured of if injuries affected field tests) and we will interview potentially favorable witnesses to testify to the events before (or even after) your arrest.
At trial: We will fully prepare for and deliver your trial.
Please phone 508.457.7557 to schedule a meeting with Attorney Russell.

* Bar Counsel's Report to the Supreme Judicial Court (FY 2018) available at

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