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Conducting Yourself in Court

Your performance (behavior) in court can influence the outcome: making a good impression can lead to a good result--and the opposite.

Entering the courthouse: Avoid brining children, if possible. Be on time. Wear appropriate clothing: Avoid jeans, casual clothing, and inappropriate clothing. Men should wear a belt, a shirt with a collar, and tuck in the shirt. Consider a hair cut. Be polite to everyone. Speak softly: you never know who may be listening.

Entering the courtroom: Remove head coverings (hats) and sunglasses and turn your cell phone off before entering the courtroom. If you must speak to your attorney or another, speak softly. Do not create any type of disturbance. Do not chew gum. Do not expect to read a newspaper, book, tablet, or phone while in the courtroom.

The judge and jury: Stand when the judge and the jury enters the courtroom and wait until the judge sits down before sitting.

Always stand when speaking with to a judge. Address the judge as “your honor.” If the judge asks a question, respond, “Yes, ma’am” or “No, sir.” If you are asked a question, wait until the question is finished before answering. Do not interrupt the judge. 
Never raise your voice. Do not use negative body language, such as rolling your eyes.

If someone else is speaking, do not interrupt.